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Your data is administered by VIN-INFO sp. z o.o. (Modelarska 18, Katowice 40-142, Polska, We process your personal data (e-mail address, first and last name, address, Tax Identification Number NIP, bank account no., transaction no., shopping bag content, login, password): on the basis of the contract in order to enter into, in performance of, or to terminate that contract, and to protect our legal interests, in pursuance of claims arising from the contract and to protect the personal data of site users, which they provided us in the process of registration, for the period of up to 6 years since the year in which the contract was executed or terminated, but not before the end of settlement of claims which arose under the contract or the date when such claims became time-barred, and in performance of our legal obligations imposed by the Act on Accounting, for the periods set in this Act (currently, art.74 of this Act sets the period of 5 years since the start of the year immediately following the trading year covered by the data). We cooperate with accountants and providers of invoicing services, electronic payment operators, legal offices, host companies, statistics, marketing web browsers, social media portals which may receive this data from us (data receivers). No data can be transferred to any non-EU country or entity, other than those accepted by the EU law. We must access your data to enter into and execute your contract. You have access to your data, to correct, delete it or impose restrictions upon, or to protest against processing or transferring it. You have the right to lodge your protest to the Chairman of the Poland’s Personal Data Protection Office or his counterpart in any other EU country. More about our data processing rules can be found in our Privacy Policy